About Koast Cafe

Our mission is to provide tasty, healthy food and the freshest organic coffee in a friendly, welcoming space with the friendliest service on the island. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tasty, healthy food and the freshest organic coffee in a friendly, welcoming space with the friendliest service on the island.  

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy is pretty simple: we only use the finest quality produce & create food that’s bursting with flavour, vitality and goodness.

Our food Philosophy is simple, we have created simple and balanced food, with a focus on quality and locally sourced ingredients. Our food is nutritious, homemade and fresh. Simple and heartfelt cooking that taste like home. Our recipes are a majority homemade; we use limited processed foods where possible to deliver an exclusive experience.

Supporting small local businesses & suppliers

We have a focus on local and organic product, specifically produced or grown on our beautiful volcanic island Bali.

Ranging from Organic chicken and free-range organic eggs, to pesticide GMO free vegetables grown on the fertile hinterlands of this lush volcanic terrain. Sourcing and supporting these networks mean that our product is not always the cheapest, but fortunately we have committed to showing our customers that we DO support a greener future for Bali and healthier future for our children and by doing so creating a high demand for these types of practices and produce. Out with the old and in with the new!

Local organic farmers are on the rise in the Balinese community, and are doing some wonderful things for our community and industry, we look forward to introducing you to a few in future posts.

Your peace of mind

Our kitchen team is required to follow very high standard of operational procedures in personal hygiene and food/drink preparation to ensure no food/drink contamination occurs. We take these standards very seriously so that our customers can dine with peace of mind.  Our team is briefed daily and we will continue instil these rules to ensure our standards are consistently met.

A Greener more Conscious Koast

We all know that waste management is a scary topic when it comes to Bali. We see rubbish scattered through the islands natural environment like in our beautiful river systems, plastic banking up on our pristine beaches, floating across the horizons and even burning on the side of the road. Luckily here in Bali there are now responsible waste management systems available. At Koast we are working our way to a cleaner, greener operating café.  We have partnered with Eco Bali Waste, who’s focus is to “maximize recycling, reduce quantity of waste to landfill and promote composting. Koast even has its very own compost site.  

We can offer our customer the peace of mind that we are committed to reducing waste and ensuring our waste is being is disposed of in the best way available to use, all whilst raising awareness within our own team and the wider community. 

Green Machine Laundry & Koast 

Thanks to the good work of our fellow friends at Green Machine Laundry in Bali all of our laundry is washed using natural organic biodegradable ingredients that are not harmful to Bali’s sacred environment and water systems. They use energy star machines which consume 100% less electricity than conventional washers.

Eco Friendly Packaging 

At Koast we use biodegradable food takeaway packaging including straws.   

Whole Coconut recycling at Koast

If you have spent some time in Bali living the dream, you will know that young coconuts are a way of life! At Koast once we are done with their delicious chilled hydrating water, we aren’t quite done with them yet! We separate our coconuts from our regular waste and give them back to the local community who use their husks to upcycle into lots of cool organic products or biofuel.